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How To Use Flesh-Toned Eyeliners

5 Tips For Using Flesh-Toned Eyeliners

You can pretty much get your hands on any color eyeliner, from an outlandish sparkling yellow to that perfect smoked-out green, but there is a whole other crop of flesh-toned liners out there that are just waiting to be used. Earlier, I mentioned a few different ways to work with skin-colored lip liners to give the lips definition and make your lipstick and glosses stay put. Now, it's time to get down with nude eyeliners. Find out my tips for using these neutral-toned pencils when you read more.

For the Eyes:

  • Bright eyes: You've probably heard that white eyeliner, when used in the lower waterline of the eyes, can help brighten the eye area. The only problem is that the starkness of the white can look a bit unnatural. Instead, use a pearly skin-toned liner as an eye-awakening brightener, like Almay Bright Eyes Liner/Highlighter Duo ($8.50), which comes in several shades ranging from light to dark.
  • Balance it out: If your eyes are close-set, a subtle, flesh-toned liner applied on the inner Vs of your eyes will help to provide the illusion of eyes that are further spaced apart. For eyes that are wide-set, it's just the opposite. Apply the liner to the outer edges to bring the eyes closer together.
  • Natural glow: If you don't have a lot of time, highlight the brow bone with a pencil that's one shade lighter than your skin. It'll make you look more awake. To create soft contour in the crease, apply a liner in a shade slightly darker than your skin tone.
  • Other Uses:

    • Cover it up: Use a liner in the same tone as your skin as an acne cover-up in a pinch.
    • Soften mistakes: Did you go a little overboard with the smoky eye? Use a flesh-toned liner to soften harsh edges and as a barrier to prevent eye makeup from smudging.
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    KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
    Oh I adore Too Faced Mineral Water. :) It definitely brightens my eyes in a cinch!
    aimeeb aimeeb 7 years
    I agree. As far as a real "look" no they don't necc work but for brightening and other makeup tips and tricks they sure do!
    snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
    i always use flesh tones on my waterlines. makes me look less tired on a dreary monday morning :)
    otay otay 7 years
    Neat! At first I didn't know why in the world you would want a flesh colored eye liner, but this is cool! Thanks bella! :)
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