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Luminizer is one of those things professional makeup artists are always talking about using, but it doesn't make the essential-product list for most women. The thing is, it definitely should be, because luminizer is one of the smartest products around. So to find out what luminizer can actually do for you, and how you can use it to look fabulous, just keep reading.

"Luminizer" is a loose term for a bunch of products with ground-up mica and other shiny minerals in them. The mineral dust refracts light, so when it's applied to your skin, it helps soften problem spots and highlight the areas that light hits. This means that it can both make under-eye circles look less harsh and play up your cheekbones. When used sparingly, it can also make skin look dewy and healthy.

Because of its softening abilities, people often assume that they can substitute luminzer for concealer. No dice. Luminizer is much better when mixed with or applied over your concealer, especially when it comes to under the eyes or covering scars/zits. It's usually lighter than your own skin tone and very transparent.

To highlight areas instead of softening, sweep a small amount of luminizer along the tops of your cheekbones before you put on your blush or bronzer, and place touches of it in the area right under your eyebrows. Some people also create an ultra-subtle stripe down the center of their noses to give their faces more symmetry. Experiment to see what works well for you.