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The Oils Your Hair Craves (And 3 Kinds It Doesn't)

Oil may be excellent for the face, but it's amazing for your hair, as well. Used once a week maximum, oil keeps color vibrant and gives a lustrous sheen to lackluster strands. If you think the slick stuff is going to weigh the hair down, however, then think again. When applied properly, oil also prevents breakage and gives back natural lipids to overworked hair. See which types of oils your coiffure craves, along with a few it doesn't, when you read more.

Oils to avoid:

  1. Olive oil — "The lipidic nutrients are too thick, it takes forever to get inside your hair, and when it does get inside your hair, it has the tendency of removing the artificial pigments," explains L'Oréal hair color expert Christophe Robin.
  2. Argan oil — While argan oil is an excellent antioxidant, it takes too long to work into your hair, Robin warns.
  3. Mineral oil — Even though mineral oil acts as a protector, it can coat the hair too much (just like silicones), preventing it from getting the proper nutrients it needs.

Oils to love:

  • Organic palm or apricot nut oils — "Once a week, use a detoxifying shampoo to remove all the particles of calcium and tap water and silicone to leave the hair fresh," says Robin. Then apply the palm or apricot nut oils, avoiding the roots, and comb through the hair. To maintain healthy hair the rest of the week, just be sure to avoid sulfate shampoos, which can be too harsh, especially for color-treated strands. Robin recommends L'Oréal EverPure.
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Michele2513235 Michele2513235 5 years
Where do you get organic palm or apricot nut oils lol?
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
 @Suzette McD It is definitely not paid. Christophe Robin is one of the best colorists in the world, so we jumped at the chance to interview him. 
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 5 years
Argan and olive oils are perfectly fine for the hair; Robin's preference just happens to be apricot nut or palm oil, which he feels to be better, especially for color-treated hair. Hope that clears things up!   
Suzette-McD Suzette-McD 5 years
This is most likely a paid for ad by Loreal.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 5 years
Olive and argan oils are actually pretty good for one's hair. 
Suzette-McD Suzette-McD 5 years
My experience with argan oil has been just the opposite. Depending on the length and porosity of my clients hair, I use a few drops up to a nickle size amount of argan oil worked through towel dried hair, from the base of the pony tail to ends. Absorbs completely. Dramatic beneficial difference. I also recommend bamboo oil for more curly and / or course hair.
Sadhie Sadhie 5 years
Awhaaaaa? I thought Argan oil was the best? I noticed my thick, curly hair feels softer and more manageable with some Argan, but I'll look into palm or apricot nut oil too.
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