How to Use Touche Éclat and Highlighters
Six Ways to Apply a Highlighter

Highlighters illuminate, while concealers cover. This was a very important lesson I learned while chatting with Yves St. Laurent national makeup artist, Dell Ashley, at the San Francisco Saks 5th Avenue. Perhaps you've heard of a little product called Touche Éclat ($40), a highly popular highlighting pen that helps to brighten and contour the face — but you weren't exactly sure how to use it? For six ways to give yourself an instant pick-me-up, plus my suggestion for a drugstore alternative,


  1. Under the eyes. (Find out how to do it.)
  2. On the eyelids as a shadow base.
  3. Around the brow. (Here's how to make it work.)
  4. Down the center of the nose.
  5. On the smile lines.
  6. Under the chin.

"I have not met the person yet who doesn’t look better with Touché Eclat," Dell declared. Interested in learning more? Check out my review of this top-seller, a recommendation for a similar product that won't break the budget, and photos of Dell working his magic on the enviably gorgeous Franchesca below.

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