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How to Wash Your Face Properly

So many of us have gotten into the routine of absentmindedly washing our faces each morning and night, but are we really taking into consideration a few tiny tricks that can make all the difference in a more effective wash? As any esthetician will say, one major component of a deep and effective cleanse is including some type of massage. It's important to stimulate your lymph system to get much-needed oxygen and blood circulating in your face. Also, be sure that you are using the correct cleanser for your skin type, and try to avoid bar soaps at all costs — they can really dry out your skin.

The goal of face washing is to unclog pores and to dissolve dirt and makeup and to remove excess oils. You may not realize that this is also a great opportunity to slough off dead skin cells by exfoliating.

Lastly, have you considered the route you take? Start washing your face at your forehead, and work your way to your nose, then outward to your cheeks and eventually down to your face and neck. A proper face wash is a really simple way to maintain the health of your skin.

Find out an easy four-step process with tips on how to wash your face read more

  • Step 1: Begin by washing your hands. (You don't want all of the grease, grime, and germs from your hands on your face, do you?) And, if you have on any eye makeup, remove it before you begin to cleanse.
  • Step 2: Wet your face completely with tepid water. Anything too hot will shock the skin and could even burst capillaries, resulting in those sensitive red marks usually found around the nose and cheeks. Next, squeeze a dime-sized amount of cleanser onto your fingertips, and rub them together. Use your fingertips to massage the cleanser into your skin (anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute) in small and gentle circular motions.
  • Step 3: One of the best ways to ensure that dirt and makeup are removed is by using a muslin cloth when you rinse. In addition, if you gently scrub in small circles, the cloth also acts as a light exfoliant! Also, don't forget to rinse your hairline, your neck, and the nooks on either side of your nose.
  • Step 4: Finish by splashing your face two to three times with cool water (not freezing cold — again, you don't want to shock your face) to close your pores, and then pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
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