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This Is Your Flawless Festival Face DIY for Spring Music Festivals

Apr 11 2016 - 8:30am

Whether you're a festival newbie, veteran, or just someone who is looking for a fresh Spring style, this makeup look is the perfect way to stand out this season. The shimmery green eye shadow with a slightly smudged cat eye, dewy skin, and vibrant pink pout will surely make your features 'gram ready. Makeup pro Mauricio Ramos of the John Barrett Salon [1] in NYC broke down the simple steps so you can try it this weekend.

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [2]

Step 1

“Take a little bit of concealer/foundation, and apply where you need it the most,” Ramos said. “Put a little bit under the eyes and all over the lid to make the skin very even. It should be lovely and fresh so for the most part, leave it as it is.” He used
Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick [3] ($78).

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [4]

Step 2

Apply blush in a letter “C” shape, sweeping from the apple of the cheek up to the temple. “This is a fresh color that I think anybody could wear,” said Ramos of Tom Ford Cheek Color in Love Lust [5] ($56). “It’s a pinky coral.”

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [6]

Step 3

To create a colored eyeliner look, Ramos started with a thick eyeliner in the choice hue — Tom Ford Defining Eye Pencil in Metallic Moss [7] ($36). The “simple green” as Ramos described was applied only to the top lid.

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [8]

Step 4

“Set the eyeliner with a shiny eye shadow in the same color to add a bit of drama and make it last longer,” explained Ramos. He used a pointed brush to go over the line and then smudged it to create that rocker look.

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [9]

Step 5

Lift the eyebrow a bit, and sweep the eye shadow out to create a supersubtle cat-eye effect.

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [10]

Step 6

“Finish with a long-lasting waterproof mascara — just to give you a little bit more of a sexy look,” noted Ramos. To apply, put the brush at the root of the lashes, wiggle it a bit, and stroke it upwards. Feather the ends out slightly.

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [11]

Step 7

“At the start of the day, I would not do the lipstick,” said Ramos. “But for an afternoon or evening out — why not? It spices it up a bit.” He applied a hot pink lipstick — Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Incorrigible [12] ($49) — with a brush, first outlining her pout and then filling it in for a clean look.

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [13]

Final Look

Enjoy your colorful look at the festival, and make sure you’re wearing some SPF!

Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [14]

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Source: Caroline Voagen Nelson [17]

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