If you sit in front of a computer screen all day like me, I'm sure eyeglasses are a must have. I love my rectangular-framed black plastic glasses, but what I didn't love was my eyelashes bumping up against the lenses all day, sometimes leaving behind little mascara marks. I was experiencing lash backlash. If you wear eyeglasses, have you ever had difficulty choosing makeup to complement your pretty peepers? Well, here are some tips to help ensure that your eyes don't take the backseat when it comes to wearing glasses:

  • Less is probably more. You might be tempted to apply more makeup to compensate for the fact that your eyes are "covered" by frames. Keep in mind that glasses can emphasize everything from too much makeup to the tiniest of smudges. Just be sure to blend and go light-handed on the application. It's all about balance.
  • Keep your frames in mind. If you have bold, thick, or dark frames, go with less makeup and more neutral tones like creams, sands, and peaches. If your frames are light or rimless, you can go with a little more makeup and choose bolder/darker shadows like gray or bronze.
  • Keep your lenses in mind. If your lenses make your eyes look smaller, you might opt for brighter, lighter shades. Dark liner on the upper lash line will also help provide further emphasis. If your lenses make your eyes look larger, a darker shade on the lids can help tone them down.
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  • Avoid frosty shadow. Glittery and/or frosty shadows will compete with the reflective nature of your lenses. Plus they can flake, so it's best to steer clear from them.
  • Keep your brows in shape. It only makes sense. Since your glasses sit right up against your brows, make sure they're well-shaped. If necessary, emphasize the color with a brow pencil so they don't get lost behind your frames.
  • Don't flake. Consider using a creamy shadow if your powder shadow tends to flake. If wearing powders, be sure to tap into your skin so that they stay where they belong — on your lids and/or brow bone.
  • Lip service. If you're wearing a strong frame, consider wearing a stronger lip color for balance.
  • Curl, girl. If your lashes are clashing with your glasses, try curling them so that they're up and away from your lenses. Also, avoid length-increasing mascaras. Volumizing or thickening formulas will most likely work best.
  • Dark circles. If you have darkness under your eyes, glasses can sometimes make the problem stand out more. Wear concealer to help give the illusion of brightness under the eyes. So now, if anyone ever calls you "four eyes," you can just smile and say, "thanks."