Who ever said that glittery makeup is only reserved for the middle-school crowd? At last night's New York premiere of Amelia, it definitely wasn't Hilary Swank. Wearing an unexpected silvery-blue shadow on both her upper and lower lash lines to coordinate with her steely blue-green gown, Hilary proves that sparkling, shimmery finishes don't have to look cheesy. In fact, the cool-based shade complements her brown eyes nicely. While the general rule of thumb is to pair a bold eye with a subdued lip, I'm all for breaking rules, but when glitter is involved, less is better. To find out some of my tips for wearing glittery liner when you read more.

  • The jewelry: While you can still wear some bling, avoid overdoing it with too much jewelry or too much sparkle. Hilary's teardrop earrings paired with a bare neckline are perfection.
  • To match or not to match?: Wearing a simple black top with a bold eyeliner is a great option, but if you do want to match your eye makeup to your dress or top, keep it soft. Note how Hilary's blue shadow has silvery undertones, giving it a delicate quality.
  • Avoid contrast: Unless you're going for a funky, stand-out look, wearing clothing with contrasting glitter liner might be overkill. Think green liner with a red dress, or purple shadow with a yellow shirt. It's got a throwback feel, but it's a bit much.
  • To create depth: Consider wearing a black liner on your upper lash line, layering a glittery tone over it. It's a lot more edgy, too.
  • A soft palette: To avoid going the disco-diva route, pair your glittery look with a light and neutral shadow on the lid, and a soft pink tone on the cheeks and lips. For the liner, try Lorac Sparkle Pencil in Blue Topaz ($16), Nars Glitter Liner & Sharpener ($24), or Sephora Liner Electro Glitter Eye Pencil in Marine Electro ($8).
  • Feeling apprehensive?: Perhaps glitter is just not your thing. To ease into the look, try just lining your top lash lines or go with a shimmery shadow instead, like Tarte Pressed Shadow Shimmer ($17) in M-M-M-My Sharona.
  • Be versatile: To get the most out of a glittery shadow, make it into a liner by first dunking a liner brush in water and dipping it into your shadow. This will create a richer, bolder shade with a foiled effect. Try Azure Eyecolor ($13) from Bare Escentuals.