YouTube star and beauty guru Michelle Phan knows makeup, especially when it comes to the holidays. This week, Michelle shares five great holiday-perfect ways to repurpose one lipstick:

Hi everyone,

No holiday look is complete without great lip color! With a single shade of lipstick, you can create a variety of beautiful lip looks fit for the holidays; all it takes is a little technique.

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Here is a step-by-step guide to each of the looks in my Holiday Lips tutorial: sheer, simple, "velvet glimmer", matte, vamped, and glossy. Consider this your holiday lipstick guide!


Note: I recommend choosing a matte lipstick. Matte textures are easier and more versatile to work with; you can always make it glossier later.

The Look: Sheer & Simple

A sheer lip is an easy, wearable texture that looks great on anyone. To create this look, simply apply your lipstick with your finger. This will give your lips a soft, pretty tint.

To take your look a step further, line your lips with lip liner. This will keep the lipstick from feathering, or spreading to the lines and skin around your lips, and will help the lipstick to stay on longer. Then, load a lip brush up with your lip color and apply all over your lips. Apply in quick brushstrokes, almost like you’re painting! This technique will make ensure that your color is smooth and covers any tiny cracks or crevices.

The Look: "Velvet Glimmer"

For a fun holiday look, give your lipstick an extra kick simply by adding a little shimmer to your existing lip color. All you have to do is delicately apply a shimmery eyeshadow color over the lipstick that you’ve just put on. If you are wearing a deep red color, try using a warm gold eye shadow. I like to call this look the “velvet glimmer” look. It’s festive and also creates the illusion of fuller lips.

The Look: Matte

Matte lips look so sophisticated and photograph beautifully. This look is also great for those with fuller lips, since gloss finishes can exaggerate their size. For a matte look, first blot your lips to absorb the moisture and oil. Then, pat a translucent or silica powder on your lips with a small powder brush.

The Look: Vamp Lips

(I totally forgot to get the finished look on film!)
This next look is a fun and inventive one. Load up a brush with a dark brown or plum eye shadow color. Gently shade the inner corners of your lips. This will create a vampy effect and will add volume and depth to your lips.

The Look: Gloss Finish

Last but certainly not least is a high shine gloss look. This is the most festive texture for your lips, and one that can easily be added to any matte lipstick. Apply a high shine gloss using your fingertips. You want to apply it delicately so that it rests on top of the color. While matte lips photograph beautifully, glossed lips look amazing in person, and also give you fuller-looking lips.
In this tutorial, I’m using Lancôme Color Design Lipstick in Fuchsia Clutch. To watch the video in its entirety, click here.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Good luck!

Which of these looks will you try out for your next holiday party?

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