Ugh. The weather over the last week has been crappy, and my hair has totally rolled over into submission. Welcome to the grossest season, I guess. There are so many great things about this time of year, but the inclement transitional weather isn't one of them. To keep myself from giving up hope, I've decided to rally and find some ways to keep my hair looking good in spite of the gray mess outside. I've put together five solid ideas for keeping things smooth and pretty, whether the humidity's giving you crazy curls or sad, lank locks. To storm-proof your crowning glory, just keep reading.

  • For all hair types, remember: the drier your hair is before you leave the house, the less the humidity can do to it. So if you've got somewhere important to be, use a good bit of product and blow-dry like crazy.
  • Everybody knows that if you have curly hair, it's good to use an anti-frizz cream like Got 2b Styltini 24 Hour Anti-Humidity Spray ($6), right after you blow-dry to keep water out of your hair shaft.
  • Wear an updo: Rainy weather and humidity can actually help a messy updo retain its texture, so use that to your advantage.
  • Braid it: A braided bun or pretty boho French braid with a little bit of mousse worked in will be fine no matter how many hats you take off or how much static electricity is in the air.
  • Hairspray: You may not love aerosol, but there are few things better in wet weather than a cheap mist hairspray like good ol' Aqua Net ($2.50). It may make your hair horrifyingly crunchy in normal weather, but when the humidity's bad, you'll be smooth and fluffy.