Yesterday was rough. A routine dermatologist visit that involved checking my moles and poking around at a few clogged pores turned into a hugely upsetting event. After getting the all-clear on the important skincare stuff, the doctor said, "It's probably time to think about Botox soon."

I burst into tears.

Like many people, I'm noticing signs of aging — a smile line here, a small furrow there — and trying to keep it all in perspective. But hearing that I'm a likely candidate for Botox bummed me out. It's not that I have anything against Botox in theory, but I'm not exactly rushing to hit the needle. (Aside from snakes, needles are my biggest phobia.) I also resent the youth-obsessed culture that treats wrinkles like they're the end of the world. Furthermore, just this past weekend, a bouncer thought I was 10 years younger than I am — so I can't look that grizzled, right? Overall, I feel a little stunned, a little angry, and a little depressed — and very, very glad that today is therapy day. I'm curious: What would you feel like if someone were to say this to you?

Photo by Racchio