So, a couple of summers ago, I attended an by-invitation-only bash for beauty editors. It was a pretty impressive deal: Inside an event space there were about two dozen stations set up for free manicures, pedicures, blowouts, facials, eyebrow waxings, makeup applications and Botox.

Although I indulged in a pedicure and an eyebrow shaping, I kept sliding over to the Botox station to see if people were willing to get injections in plain sight of all their peers. To find out what happened,

Unsurprisingly, not many people wanted to get Botox in front of dozens of people! After my third swoop past the lonely Botox station, the doctor asked me if I was interested in having a treatment. I was surprised, since I don't have any wrinkles yet, so I said as much to the doctor. "Well, you look fine now," he said. "But if you get Botox now, it'll prevent wrinkles from ever forming. I gave a treatment to a 23-year-old last week." His needling didn't persuade me (zing!), and I politely refused the Botox.

You readers are almost evenly split on whether you'd go under for Botox. But it surprises me that young women—really, really young women—are getting Botox. What do you think? How young is too young? Let everyone know in the comments.