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Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection by China Glaze

Catch Fire With The Hunger Games Nail Collection

Adding to the continued excitement of all things Hunger Games, we got our hands on the polishes from China Glaze's forthcoming Colours from the Capitol collection. Nail colors inspired by movies can sometimes be a yawn, but these will charm die-hard fans and manicure connoisseurs alike. From ashy, matte shades to high-definition glitters, these polishes could soon be among your most favorite nail colors. Preview them all in our video now!

Therese2566278 Therese2566278 5 years
I got Electrify & it looks amazing on my fingernails. My friends love this on me so much that they asked me where they can get it. Electrify stood out to me because I love the red is my favorite color & I also tend to wear gold jewelry. I wore this for Easter this past weekend & of course, when I saw the movie. I want to get the stone cold & luxe & lush shades. Great video & tips on how to apply the luxe & lush.
vanitysky vanitysky 5 years
My favorite is Smoke and Ashes. I didn't like it when I first saw the picture of it online. The color doesn't photograph well, but it's gorgeous on your nails!
Jodi2482503 Jodi2482503 5 years
 @Annie Tomlin Did not use a basecoat. My sister in law had it out and I grabbed it and just went. Base coat is a good idea. It was weird because a couple of my fingers chipped from middle after less than a day but then it took so long to get off. I really wish it worked better for me. One of SIL's friends had chipping issues with it as well. 
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
 @Jodi2482503 Oh no! Yikes. Did you use a base coat or was it just that tough?
Kirbie-Johnson Kirbie-Johnson 5 years
I am still obsessed with these! They really upped the ante with these book-inspired polishes.
Jodi2482503 Jodi2482503 5 years
I really liked the Stone Cold one until it took 30+ minutes to get off. 
ArtsyArchitette ArtsyArchitette 5 years
 @Annie Tomlin It definitely turned into a little commitment! :) But so much fun!! 
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
 @ArtsyArchitette That is serious commitment! One of my friends bought four of the polishes and keeps coming up with creative nail looks, too.
ArtsyArchitette ArtsyArchitette 5 years
I ended up getting 8 of the 12 polishes!! - even created a Katniss "Pre-Games interview" nail design - 
saucyfilipina saucyfilipina 5 years
LOVE all of them. --- Nicole
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
@dashsuede It's a love-or-hate shade. I like it on Kirbie, but I usually go for something more subtle.
tvanderv tvanderv 5 years
I love them all!
dashsuede dashsuede 5 years
Here for everything except that orange. I like bright oranges but yuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
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