Barbie, Miss Piggy, and More Iconic Characters Go #MakeupFree

Nov 1 2015 - 1:00pm

In an age where extreme contouring [1] and airbrushing feel like the norm, it was shockingly satisfying to see how Disney princesses look without makeup [2]. It can feel like we're expected to wake up #flawless, so getting a peek at Snow White before her eyebrows are painted on [3] was refreshing — not even royalty can get it together first thing in the morning.

Now illustrator Loryn Brantz [4] of BuzzFeed [5] has wiped clean the faces of iconic female characters like Miss Piggy, Barbie, and more. Trust us when we say you (not to mention Kermit and Ken) have never seen the gals like this before.

Barbie With Makeup

Barbie Without Makeup

Barbie With and Without Makeup

Jessica Rabbit With Makeup

Jessica Rabbit Without Makeup

Jessica Rabbit With and Without Makeup

Miss Piggy With Makeup

Miss Piggy Without Makeup

Miss Piggy With and Without Makeup

See more iconic characters without makeup here [6].

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