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InStyler Turns Hair Right Round, Baby, Right Round

Another Saturday, another wild and crazy night for Bella. That's right, instead of heading out after dinner, a friend and I headed back to her place to test out this hair product – the InStyler. (There may have been a small amount of wine involved.) You see, I happened to mention it while we were eating and, since she'd seen the infomercial, she was willing to be my guinea pig. Perfect.

The point of this brush/flatiron/curling iron hybrid is to use less heat than traditional tools, with three adjustable settings providing fewer stresses on your tresses (ha). When you plug it in and clamp down on a chunk of hair, the barrel section rotates while you pull the bristles through the locks. We started with hair that had air-dried to its natural, wavy state seen here. I set up my "salon" (read: her living room) and got to straightening.

See the after photo and get our reactions when you

As you can see, the InStyler did a good job with straightening and I only spent about 20 minutes covering her entire head. She felt the brush attachment made her hair more flyaway than with the normal flatiron and the ends were a touch more fried. (You could help that by applying a hair serum.) But, overall, it was super quick and easy.

My thoughts: This product will work best on people with wavy, fine hair but when I later tried it on a pal with thick, relaxed tresses it didn't get hers very straight at all. It's difficult to get to the roots, so you may need to pull hair away from your head and press the barrel against it if you're trying to get at a section close to your scalp. But, the website clearly states you can style without the stick-straight "flatness" of a flatiron so I guess super sleekness isn't its goal.

How much will it cost to get these results? Well, currently there's a $15 trial offer for two InStyler irons for 30 days. If you like it, then pay three more monthly payments of $40 and keep both. That breaks down to $67.50 each, before shipping and handling, if you're splitting with a friend. My pal and I opted not to go in on this offer, but would you (or did you) choose this over a traditional flatiron?

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