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Incoco Dry Nail Applique Review

Doing Drugstore: Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué

Gimmicky beauty products aren't usually my thing, but I am willing to give them a shot for you, dear reader. So when I picked up a pack of Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué at Walgreens, I was skeptical but hopeful. After all, claims of zero drying time, a high-gloss finish, and a chip-free manicure for up to 14 days were hard to pass up.

Last night I eagerly unpacked the contents of the package, which includes not only the press-on polish strips, but also a mini buffer/nail file, orange wood stick to push back cuticles, and a specially formulated polish remover towelette. Jackpot! The instructions are rather simple: Start with clean, filed, and buffed nails. Remove the adhesive backing from the rounded nail polish tab, and working from the pinkie finger inward, firmly press the polish strip on and around the nail. Trim the tip, and file down the excess. Sounds easy enough, right? To find out how things went,


The problems started when it was time to apply the strip of polish to my nail. It was nearly impossible to get it lined up correctly with my nail bed, and no matter which size strip I tried, there was either bare strips of nail on either side, or an overflow of polish. The latter wouldn't have been such a problem if all attempts to remove it had not resulted in the entire strip peeling off every time. Trimming the excess off the tip presented a similar problem, and unless I left extra and pushed it under my nail (which was uncomfortable), the tip frayed and peeled back when filed as suggested in the instructions.

I'll keep the mini buffer and nail file for travel, but really, you're better off buying a bottle of new polish than using these appliqués.


naillover naillover 8 years
And, Sparkluver, they do come in French Manicures, and the french manicures are amazing - they make it so easy to have perfect french nails
naillover naillover 8 years
As the nail obsessed girl that I am (I have tried absolutely everything) I have to say, that Incoco is one of the best products I have ever tried, however, it does require a bit of education, before going in blind so to speak. You need to choose a slightly smaller nail size and press and line it up with the side of your nail and your cuticle, then gently stretch it over to align with the other side of your nail. It does stretch. Then, pull the nail applique gently upwards over the tip of your nail, fold it under and pierce. Or, file of the excess. Incoco lasts such a long time, I've found since I started using it and Minx that I cannot go back to regular nail polish because the finish is not nearly as nice. And, the AVON nail strips are noway as good as Incoco - the Incoco ones are far more mouldable and the quality is far better. Definately recommend trying it, give it a couple of gos and you will be away.
Pastor-Becky Pastor-Becky 8 years
I tried these press on polish strips & LOVED them! No, they didn't fit absolutely perfectly on every nail, but no one noticed but me. They went on smooth, they filed off just like they described, & best of all, they lasted one entire week with not a chip! And there was no waiting to let them dry. I went right to be after I applied. The remover is pre-packaged with them & I would have liked two pads instead of one, so I did have to use some of my own remover. But I WILL use them again.
Maddiebea Maddiebea 9 years
I tried the Incoco press-on nails and thought they were fabulous. I didn't have any trouble applying them. You just look at the set and choose the one that is the width you need for your nail. If it's too wide, you just trim around the nail bed with the point of a nail file. To get rid of the excess length, I just pressed the srip down across the edge of my nail, then creased it again and again until it came off. I didn't even have to use a file. When I did mess up on my first try, getting used to them, I was able to take excess from another one and place it on my nail, next to the one I was mending for a seamless fix. They looked flawless for two weeks! No chipping, peeling, etc. I immediately went out and bought more colors. I've had compliments on how great my nails look too! I highly recommend you try them. Don't bypass them just b/c a few people had trouble.
corona528 corona528 9 years
I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these!!!! I didn't know anyone else knew about these!! I'm a bartender, constantly washing dishes, and these last up to 2 weeks and look flawless!!!!
miss-matilda miss-matilda 9 years
The avon ones work great. You just fold it over the end and gently score it with another nail and pull the excess off. They also have french tips
hlisa hlisa 9 years
I've tried and really liked this product. They do come in a French Manicure style. Granted, the first try was a bit to caffienated and shakey, but the lasting power was fantastic. In fact, it helped protect my nails from damage. I will use these again and again.
waffley waffley 9 years
Aw! Good idea on paper, bad idea in real life.
Kyley Kyley 9 years
Oh my gosh, I tried these! I couldn't get them to stick to my nail bed. Then when one finally stuck a bit, it ripped off at the tip of my nail with a horrific jagged edge! I could not dislike a product more. No worth 5 cents let alone 5 bucks.
shopper10024 shopper10024 9 years
I disagree with your review. I tried these and loved them! I have tried three different colors. All the ones I tried had a sort of metallic sheen to them. They do last a long time. When I paint my own nails I always dent the paint accidentally before they dry. I will definitely get these press on polish strips again!
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