Gimmicky beauty products aren't usually my thing, but I am willing to give them a shot for you, dear reader. So when I picked up a pack of Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué at Walgreens, I was skeptical but hopeful. After all, claims of zero drying time, a high-gloss finish, and a chip-free manicure for up to 14 days were hard to pass up.

Last night I eagerly unpacked the contents of the package, which includes not only the press-on polish strips, but also a mini buffer/nail file, orange wood stick to push back cuticles, and a specially formulated polish remover towelette. Jackpot! The instructions are rather simple: Start with clean, filed, and buffed nails. Remove the adhesive backing from the rounded nail polish tab, and working from the pinkie finger inward, firmly press the polish strip on and around the nail. Trim the tip, and file down the excess. Sounds easy enough, right? To find out how things went,


The problems started when it was time to apply the strip of polish to my nail. It was nearly impossible to get it lined up correctly with my nail bed, and no matter which size strip I tried, there was either bare strips of nail on either side, or an overflow of polish. The latter wouldn't have been such a problem if all attempts to remove it had not resulted in the entire strip peeling off every time. Trimming the excess off the tip presented a similar problem, and unless I left extra and pushed it under my nail (which was uncomfortable), the tip frayed and peeled back when filed as suggested in the instructions.

I'll keep the mini buffer and nail file for travel, but really, you're better off buying a bottle of new polish than using these appliqués.