Confession time: I was Death from The Sandman for Halloween this year, and there's very little denying that I'm a huge dork, so a "geeky fun or soap?" quiz was inevitable. Won't you put your coolness aside, too, and journey with me to a land of soaps and gadgets that will surprise and delight your inner fangirl? I promise it'll be fun and that there will be Street Fighter. All ready to get down and nerdy?

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Beep, beep, boop! I am a robot, sent here to keep you clean. Query: are my constituent parts crafted from plastic and aluminum, or am I simply made of what you humans call "soap"?

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Gotta catch 'em all! If you plug this Charizard Pokemon cartridge into your Gameboy, will you get to play the game, or will you just short out the entire system?

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Mouse in the house. Is this little number a real Logitech product, or very clever soap?

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Oh, Duck Hunt. Is there anything more sad than that hound when he's disappointed in your shooting? And is this a Duck Hunt rifle for sale on eBay, or a soap replica for sale on Etsy?

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Fight! Is this a retro Street Fighter II cartridge for your salvaged SNES system, or is it faker than Kylie Minogue's stunts in the film adaptation?