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The Ingredients in Mascara Explained

There's No Bat Poop in Mascara, Just Magnets

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Cover Girl LashBlast is one of the most popular mascaras on the market, and it's definitely one of Team Bella's favorites. That's why I think it's cool that Wired broke down all the ingredients in the LashBlast Luxe ($8) formula and explained them in layman's terms.

We rarely think about beauty products on the chemical level, even though we're generally very picky about formulations, so it's nice to see an in-depth look at why and how something like mascara works. The piece dispels the old "bat poop in mascara" myth by explaining that guanine (not to be confused with guano) used to be a key ingredient in most mascaras. It also highlights the magnetic molecules used to get your mascara to adhere to your lashes and keep it from separating in the tube. And one more fun fact: you also shouldn't wear mascara if you're having an MRI, because there's so much iron oxide in the stuff that it throws off the imaging apparatus.

The Ingredients in Mascara Explained
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