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Guess How Old My Mom's Lotion Is (If You Dare)

Quick: what's the oldest beauty product you have sitting in your bathroom? Mine goes back about two years (might be time to chuck some products) but a certain mother who will remain nameless has items reaching back at least a decade. During a recent visit, I spotted a half-full container of lotion from

Remember that brand? Don't feel too bad if you don't. The online start-up had the misfortune of launching in late 1999 — right before the dot-com bubble burst. It sold its own line of lotions and shampoos, but sales weren't high enough to keep the business going. That means that Mom's lotion is probably 10 years old, which is why I gently disposed of it. (Here are guidelines for when to pitch old products.) Anyone else remember this start-up — or have something similarly ancient in their beauty stash?

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peppytint peppytint 7 years
lol, I don't think I've opened it for years and years. I don't want to know! I really should toss it, but I dont have that much nail polish so I purge stuff like I do with clothes
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Oh, Peppytint, that stuff's gotta go! I can't imagine how it smells at this point. Jodi — that is a hilarious product name. Hannah, is it Pssst?
joditurner85 joditurner85 7 years
My mom had a bottle of MMM!!!! What A Tan from the seventies sitting on her bathroom shelf til about ten years ago when I pitched it.
peppytint peppytint 7 years
I have some really old nail polish that I bought when I was in grade 7-8 (I am 25 now). It still works ok, though the color isn't all that age-appropriate anymore. It is Caboodles iced sugar, that sheer iridescent purpley/pink that every girl had.
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