I love informal interviews with makeup artists, because that's when the best tips seem to come out. This interview with Manhattan makeup artist Kelly Hanna is a good one. You might be surprised to find out her salary ($70,000!), and you'll probably also learn a thing or two. I know I did!

Bold lips are back:"Lips have changed dramatically to be a true classic red or more of a wine or berry color. Matte red is a lot easier to wear than a glossy red. It's surprising how resistant people are to wearing a bold lip color. Whenever a woman has to list her best assets, 94% of the time she'll say her eyes. But people forget that if you have a really great lipstick, it actually draws attention to your eyes."

To find out the makeup mistake she sees most often,

The biggest mistake women make with their makeup: "Too much foundation. Foundation should really just even skin tone out—it's not supposed to be a mask. The other thing I see a lot is poor blending, whether it's foundation or eye color. That's a brush problem. People often spend their money on colors instead of the proper tools."