Our beloved beauty brands have secret lives we don't know about. So many products from around the world mean that whenever I travel, I have to hit up the local drugstore. Of course, I have no idea what some of these products actually are for, but they are nonetheless fascinating, as is how a room full of execs decides that Americans don't want to try Nivea Intensive Cream hair mask but Egyptians totally do (it has lotus blossom, so no doubt smells amazing). Garnier's line of "UVSKI" products (which appear to be sun protection for skiiers) for the Netherlands and Maybelline China's Eye Studio palette look so good I could almost travel across multiple continents for them. I'd also hit up Ireland for those adorable tins of Rosy Vaseline and Sephora France for that cool analog-looking face mask. Any global goodies you've fallen in love with?