As promised last week, here's more of my interview with Leslie Blodgett, the founder of Bare Escentuals. In this installment, she imparts her wisdom about what she sees way too much of, how to update your makeup for Fall, and shares her best beauty advice.

What do people ask the most about on your tours?
Leslie Blodgett: The master class is mostly about eye looks. The smokey eye is the number one thing people are so intimidated by, how to make it smoke out without looking like too much. We just launched The Rocker Eye, it's a fun look, too. Even for day, you can do a soft-rock look. Go over the whole lid with a very dark shade. We like a little metallic in there. Then take the pointy part of the brush and go under the eye, as close to the lash line as possible. You could also do the light shade and the contour, but it's easier to just do the lid and blend it out under the eye.

What's the best beauty advice you've ever heard or given?

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Leslie Blodgett: Always take off your mascara. I know so much about lashes now — when they fall out, they take so long to grow back in. You really have to treat them with care. If you sleep and you roll around, they're going to crunch up and fall out. Don't wear waterproof mascara unless you're extremely greasy or you swim. Waterproof is not recommended.

What's the biggest mistake you see people make?
Leslie Blodgett: Too much blush. And I'm a huge fan of blush. I recommend you wear it, but put a little bit, sweep it once. Don't go back a couple times. Especially in bad lighting, it looks hideous. But another mistake is to not wear it at all.

What's the best way to update your makeup for the Fall?
Leslie Blodgett: Lavenders and plums and grey tones on the lids. We have a shade called Soft Black. Lipstick instead of lipgloss. We want more of an opaque mouth. Lots more mascara.

Check back later this week for more of my interview with Leslie!