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Bella Interview: Leslie Blodgett, Part Two

In Part One of my interview with Leslie Blodgett, the founder of Bare Escentuals, we talked about her clients, but in this part, I wanted to know what are her current loves. Read on for her desert island products and to hear about the forthcoming Bare Escentuals skincare products. (This is the first time she's mentioned that an eye cream is on the way. Scoop!).

What are your skin and hair care product staples?

Leslie Blodgett: I started using Pureology on my hair, for color treated hair. We're launching more skincare products, so I'm using an eye cream that's coming out next Fall, and the moisturizer is launching in January. We have a mist coming out next month, it has the Resurrection Plant from South Africa in it, which comes back to life when it's dead. It can reactivate makeup, hydrate you, refresh your makeup. Also you can spray it onto your face when you're cleansing.

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How involved are you in developing tools and packaging, in addition to the formulations?

Leslie Blodgett: The tools are extremely important. You get completely different effects by whatever brush you're using. You can use the same color foundation with a different brush to get more coverage. A fluffier brush gives you less coverage and a more firmly packed brush will give you the fullest coverage. When you swirl it, it's breaking down the minerals so that it tucks inside the bristles, so that's part of the art of buffing it onto the skin. Products cling more to animal hairbrushes; we offer both. For the new skin care products, I asked the audience [at an event] whether they wanted a pump or a jar for the moisturizer; they wanted a pump. And for the eye cream, I wanted a jar, and we did another test, and they wanted a tube, because it's anti bacterial.

If you could take five products to a desert island, what would you take?

Leslie Blodgett: Foundation. [Bare Escentuals] Warmth. Rare Minerals Night Time Treatment. Um, the new moisturizer. I guess I don't need eye shadow or mascara because I'm alone, right?

I guess it depends, like are you on the island with The Professor and Gilligan, or are you Tom Hanks in Castaway, are you on a reality show...?

Leslie Blodgett: I'll make sure my lips stay full in my old age. I'd bring Buxom Lips in Jessica. It's a nice nude color, like a sandy beach.

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