I'll admit it was the cool slimy jelly texture that lured me in. It's the kind of weird need-to-touch consistency that makes you light up like a little kid playing with Gak for the first time, and that's before you even slather it all over your face and reap the glow-y results. The strange Jell-O like feeling boasts a coolness factor that puts it in a category of its own. It rivals other trendy masks featuring clay, glitter, and a bubbling effect.

This new breed of ultrahydrating jelly skin saviors combines unique silky textures that will entice you to regularly slather them on. They typically feature a cocktail of hydration-boosting actives, like hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxyl acids. These power ingredients turn dry Winter flakes into soft, dewy skin. Whether it's three minutes or a night of beauty rest, these five transforming jelly masks will be your go-to for glowing skin all season long.