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Jennie Garth Talks Dancing With the Stars, Skin Care, and Body Image

Jennie Garth on Building Confidence: No "Fat" Talk in Her House

Lots of people watch Dancing With the Stars, but few actually get to dance like them. Recently, more than 1,500 women applied for the chance to appear in a commercial for Dove VisibleCare body wash, and winner Kristi Herman of Jersey City will dance her way onto television screens during the May 23 episode of DWTS. As part of the prize, instructor Damian Whitewood and actress Jennie Garth teamed up to give Kristi pointers on feeling confident while perfecting the Cha-cha-cha for her big close-up. We recently caught up with Jennie to hear how it went, discover the beauty tips she's learned from her decades in front of the camera, and see how she's teaching her girls to feel good about their looks. Read the complete interview.

BellaSugar: What's your best skin care advice?
Jennie Garth: I love to take the Dove VisibleCare body wash, squeeze it on to the loofah mittens, and give my body a once-over with that. If you do that a few times during the week, you'll get incredible results. I've been using it since we shot the first commercial. I love it. It really did help with my skin, especially [because] my shins can get really dry. Even the décolleté area, it really has made a difference in my skin.

BellaSugar: You've been behind the scenes and done so many shows during your career. What beauty tips have you picked up along the way?
JG: I'm really into toxin-free products right now, so any shampoos that are paraben-free, sulfate-free. Anything that's good for you, and makes you feel prettier.

BellaSugar: You have three daughters. How are you raising them to feel confident and feel good about the way they look?
JG: I have a 13-year-old, and she's got a really great head on her shoulders. She is a believer that beauty comes from within, and she's confident — which I'm so happy about. I have three really strong, really feisty young girls, so I try to keep them from using the word "fat" in our house. We're trying to keep the body image clean, and letting them see real women. There are so many skinny influences out there these days, but my girls are real girls. I teach them to love their curves and love their bodies just the way they are. It's not easy in this day and age, but it's something that we focus on a lot.

BellaSugar: I'm glad to hear that. Any fun behind-the-scenes stories from taping the commercial with Kristi?
JG: We've just been giving Kristi a few little tricks of the trade, and we've been laughing because the lights are so powerful that they've been sucking our brains out today. I keep messing up my lines and she laughs at me!

BellaSugar: When do you feel most beautiful?
JG: When I'm outside, breathing fresh air, doing the natural thing. Whenever I'm out taking a walk in nature is when I feel most beautiful.

Kristi's spot will air Monday, May 23, during Dancing With the Stars on ABC. On the same day, Jennie will host a Twitter party to answer questions; use hashtag #closeupmoment to join.

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