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Jennifer Garner Only Needs 3 Products For a Night Out

Jan 8 2014 - 5:30am

InStyle [1] recently talked to Jennifer Garner [2] and got the scoop on all her favorite skin, hair, and makeup products. Keep reading to shop all her picks!

Jennifer Garner always stuns, whether she’s walking the red carpet or strolling the streets with her little ones. And with three kids, one can’t help but wonder “how does she do it?” A burning beauty question of our own, we sat down with the star and mother of three for our January issue to get the scoop on her beauty routine. Garner dished on how she balances her workout schedule with her beauty regimen, who she really enjoys getting dolled up for (hint: they’re under the age of 10!), and her must-have beauty products.

I see this is a ponytail day—not surprising since you’re a busy mom.
Well, my hair is clean, so let’s stop and appreciate that for a moment! But I’ll be going to work later, and that’s nice because I get blowouts on the set.

You got up early to fit in a shampoo?
Actually, I worked out at 5:30, then showered quickly. Oh, wait, no—I took the kids to school first, then came back and showered and washed my hair. The moms who show up at school already looking great that early in the morning? I don’t understand them.

You seem to be doing just fine! Do you always exercise first thing in the a.m.?
Yeah. I’ve seen more sunrises with my trainer, Valerie Waters, than with anyone else. If I don’t work out early, it’s hard for me to gear up and do it later. We do a mix of strength training and cardio. Of course, if I’m nursing, it takes a hit. If I have a sick kid, it takes a hit. It takes a lot of hits.

What about your beauty routine?
Pretty simple. I wash my face in the morning, then put on sunscreen, concealer, blush, mascara, and I’m good to go. At night, if I’m going out, I’ll use an eyebrow pencil, a cream eye shadow, and a nude lip pencil. I’m not one to do a dramatic eye or a bold red lip.

And when you’re all made up and looking gorge, is your husband good about sending compliments your way?
Oh, he notices, but it’s my daughters who really care. When I dress up, it’s for them!

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Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick in Warm Caramel

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Byredo Parfums Gypsy Water

"I just weaned my baby a few months ago, and it's always a happy thought when you realize, I can wear perfume again! I have this delicious scent on right now."

Byredo Parfums Gypsy Water [8] ($145 for 50 mL)

Essie Nail Polish in Bordeaux

"I usually keep my nails piano-teacher short and buffed with no polish. But if I get my toes done, I love this deep red."

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum

"This serum has retinol but doesn't irritate your skin, so you can actually use it every day. It keeps my skin incredibly smooth and bright."

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum [10] ($22)

The Valslide

"This is Valerie's little trick: gliding disks that we use for strength-training moves, targeting every part of the body. It's brutal but very effective."

The Valslide [11] ($30 a pair)

Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner

"I've started using this on my girls' hair because kids conditioners are too wimpy to detangle their knots. It smells so good and works on all hair types."

Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner [12] ($28)

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