In the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, Jennifer Lopez reveals a few details about Deseo, her eighth (!) fragrance. As she's already said, the scent was inspired by her garden. Usually I'd give it a big ol' yawn (and I can hardly imagine that Jennifer digs around in the dirt), but she sounds passionate about it.

  • On her work: "I'd just come from the studio with this long caftan on, no makeup, but I had all my diamonds and some wood jewelry. A wear mix of earth and glamour."
  • On her garden: "There's this smell in my garden. The wood of the stairs wet with water, the lemon trees, rosemary and lavender, and five different types of roses. The combination of these smells was the inspiration for the fragrance."
  • On rolling in cash: "I've been lucky that because of what I do as a performer, I've also been able to do stuff like fragrances that I love. I'll never look at it as a money thing. I'll always look at it as a creative outlet."

    If you're a big Jennifer Lopez fan and want to see the behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot of her Deseo ad,