Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week: Jeremy Laing

The hair was kinda sketchy at Jeremy Laing — no, really. Marco Santini of ION Studio created a look based on a sketch of a fairy. The artwork has no hard lines, and the hairstyle followed suit. And wait until you see what kind of tool was used to create it.

Santini began by spraying hair with Davines DEDE conditioner, then blow-drying hair and separating it into two sections. Next, he backcombed hair by the nape of the neck. Here's where it gets unusual: using an old-fashioned sewing needle and elastic string, he "wove" the hair together into a ponytail. He finished the look with Davines For Wizards No. 4 Glossy Modeling Putty. The end result: each model's hair was slightly different, just like a unique sketch.

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