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Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume Review

Fragrance Review: Jessica Simpson Fancy

From country singer to pop star to hair extension creator, this multi-talented lady has done it all. Her latest venture takes her into the fragrance world. When I first heard of the aromas featured in Jessica Simpson's perfume, Fancy ($49-$59), I suddenly had the urge to make a sundae. Apricot, pear, toasted almonds, caramel? Yep, my teeth started aching just thinking about it.

The name of the perfume didn't raise my hopes; when something's described as "fancy," that usually means it's just the opposite. But upon experiencing my first whiff of the scent, I was pleasantly surprised. The aroma isn't as sticky-sweet as I envisioned — it's more sophisticated than the overly literal smells of Jess's earlier Dessert line. I loved Fancy's lightness of apricot and pear notes; and the vanilla helped to add a subtle balance to the blend. It's warm and inviting, and considering how men seem to go bananas for vanilla, it's a good first-date fragrance.

Although I'm impressed by the thought behind the blend, the floral notes — which include jasmine and gardenia — are just a little too, well, fancy for me. I like a hint of dirtiness in my fragrance, but if you love sweet, warm blends, Jessica's perfume is worth a sniff. Even though it's too vanilla for me (take that either way you like) it's pleasant and long-lasting, and it's bound to be a guilty pleasure of anyone who's normally opposed to the idea of celebrity fragrance in general.

Rockieroad Rockieroad 7 years
There sure are alot of Jessica Simpson haters out there! Most of you knocked this perfume before even trying it just because her name is on it. That's just pathetic. How can you criticize before trying the product out? But there are definitely alot more love it's than hate it's. I won't say I'm a fan. But I have to give her credit for doing the "Damn Thing!". Her shoe line, bag line, and fragrance line are all top notch style-wise. I own her boots and shoes and now I just purchased her Fancy perfume set with the lotion and body wash. And it smells deliciously sweet and sexy. When I first tried on a sample after sampling Britney Spears line, Mariah Carey and others, I have to say that this is what got my attention. It was truly intoxicating. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist! On my drive home I kept sneaking a wiff to see if the smell changed and it subtly died down a little but the smell is definitely long lasting. It's worth every penny. I get so many compliments on this perfume much more than I have from more of the bigger name brands. I only paid $20 for my perfume set that I purchased as an after Christmas sale. Say what you want to say about Jessica but she definitely knows what she's doing. Love her or hate her she made a delicious perfume that I believe will do very well in years to come. Keep up the GOOD WORK Jessica!
jbird87 jbird87 7 years
I think fancy is one of the best perfumes I have ever smelled and I love the bottle! I hate the whole celebrity perfume crap but this perfume is AMAZING!!! I don't have to use very much of it and it stays on me all day! It is not over priced its a lot cheaper than a lot of other perfumes. I love sweet and vanilla smelling perfumes! This perfume is the best!
cowboysfan cowboysfan 8 years
Even if I thought this pefume was the best thing I ever smelled, I wouldn't buy it just because she is connected to it and she disgusts me. But it isn't the best thing I've ever smelled. Actually, it is a rather unpleasant scent. It starts out too strong and dries down to a drugstore brand cheapness. My husband thought it stunk too.
reneematthews reneematthews 8 years
My husband gave me a sample. He and others I've dated before him seem to like women who smell like food!!! He always makes comments that most perfumes out there smell like flowers and in translation old ladies. I have to admitt this fragrance smells great. A nice change from most of those fragrances out there and men love it. Why do you think alot of Victoria Secret scents mimmic desserts.
scerbd scerbd 8 years
i love the bottle is awesome, and the smell is amazing!!!!! i love it!=)
TXKitty62 TXKitty62 8 years
Putting the fact that this is a "celebrity" fragrance aside, this fragrance was created by the head perfumer from Christian Dior - a reputable and high end company. The smell is warm based mostly with a vanilla fragrance - which makes it appealing to both men and women. The bottle is beautifully designed along with the rest of the packaging, as well. If you can forget that it is under Jessica Simpson's name, I think you will be pleased to find a very nice and easy-to-wear fragrance.
zgirl73 zgirl73 8 years
I recently purchased "fancy" and I think it smells divine. It was the only swatch in the magazine that did not proceed to give me a migraine. I wore it for the first time today and already a guy has asked, "what are you wearing?" Who cares about a name or who produced it anyway? If it smells good, wear it!
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 8 years
As for all the comments on how bad is in theory.. I have smelled alot of perfumes, and some of the worst were from Design houses. Very few perfumes launched by design houses make it or are kept on the market for more than 5 years. Perfume as art is dying. So let the people have what they want. The fact is, most women want to wear a perfume they love and men will love. Men love gourmands, common sense. Put this up against Prada and the fact is that most men will not choose Prada. You can say what you want, but it's the truth.
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 8 years
I don't care about the name, or the celeb fragrance trend as a whole... but I bought this tonight... The big bottle. I was in Ulta for a couple hours with my guy. Every perfume I tried or tested he was like "it's good", or "I like it" or "what do you want me to say? Do you like it?" lol When I tried this one on, he went "wow what is that?!" There you have it ladies, men love gourmands more than any other perfume. The thing is, I love it too. It reminds me a little of Betsey Johnson, but better. I hate to say, but she hit the mark with this one. It smells really good and wearable.
Jen1339 Jen1339 8 years
crazyana crazyana 8 years
try sth new girl! :zzz:
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