The other night I was up late web surfing and I came across this really great MakeUp Set - Best of the Season Color Collection Palette ($25) by Joan Rivers. Now before you laugh her off, I'd like to say that if Joan Rivers has one thing, it's life experience. And apparently, she knows what women want when it comes to makeup. Well, at least she's got something that I've been looking for.

What struck me most about this palette is that it has it all: powder, blush, lip colors, brushes and eye shadows (including a dark shade that can double as liner). It really makes for light traveling when you don't have to pack each of these items separately.

Now I know what you're thinking: Aren't face palettes a dime a dozen? Yes, but finding one that also includes a powder is a challenge. There aren't many of these around and I find myself wishing there were more. What do you wish you could find more of in the world of beauty?