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Team Zoe's Joey Maalouf Answers Your Most Hair-Raising Questions

You've learned how he creates Rachel Zoe's signature beachy waves, and you've likely admired his other work from afar (Jessica Alba's soft and pretty Golden Globes makeup, anyone?). And most recently, celebrity stylist Joey Maalouf has signed on as a beauty advisor for Slim Fast's Studio Wow! campaign, which he explains, is a way to help people be at their most confident for a big, upcoming life event.

"You know, there's no one big step that does it; it's a lot of little steps," Joey says. "First the tricks of dieting, then you start to think about your external look: styling, hair and makeup. I love making people feel like they can just do it at home — and they can," Joey adds. And that's why he's answering your most hair-raising questions. From keeping curls bouncy to Spring 2012's hottest trends, see Joey's expert advice on how you can wow the crowd when you read more.

Question 1 from Twitter user makeupheathera: "What do you recommend on how to keep fresh curls (from a curling iron) bouncy throughout the day? I feel like they always fall flat!"
Joey Maalouf: Usually that happens when you overproduct the hair; a lot of people feel like their hair doesn't do anything, so they overcompensate by applying more products. When you want your hair to stay voluminous all day, though, start with wet hair and put extrahold mousse in it. Brush your fingers through it with a blow dryer. So when you curl it, you'll already have that stiffness built into your hair. You can then just brush out the curls and it will explode until it gets huge. After that, I would just apply hair spray, but I wouldn't go farther than the mousse and the hair spray. You definitely will have major waves.


Question 2 from Twitter user arhakim: "I am strongly considering bangs, but my forehead is a bit small. Any tips on the style?"
JM: I would go for a side bang, and I wouldn't go too heavy with it: a full-on bang is just going to frame your face oddly. Try a few chips that flow to the side, so that you get the satisfaction of having a bang, without being too committed to cutting half of your head off!

Question 3 from Twitter user CourtneyLeiva: "What hair trends should we look out for this Spring 2012?"
JM: Everybody has been pretty obsessed with the wet hair look from the runways. I think that a wet-hair, slicked back, disheveled ponytail look is really cute. It's such an easy way to look chic and effortless without too much effort; you can just wake up with slightly damp hair and throw some gel in it. If you put gel in it when it's wet, the wetness will dilute it and you'll just have ashy half-gelled hair, but if you put it in slightly damp hair then the hair will really hold that look all day.

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