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Johnny Bueno's Biggest Spring 2011 Hair Color Trends

Celebrity Colorist Johnny Bueno's Spring 2011 Hair Trend Report

Colorist Johnny Bueno may be best known for creating Real Housewife of DC (and infamous White House dinner attendee) Michaele Salahi's perfect buttercream blond. But he's also created a whole host of other gorgeous hues, and innovative color techniques are his specialty. To find out about what the new season's cutting-edge color trends will be, just keep reading.

On what's hot right now:
"There are a lot of double processes. Clients who originally had a lot of highlights off their roots are coming back to give themselves a little bit of a boost. We’re highlighting and then lifting the roots, lifting the base color, and going at least one to two shades lighter for brunettes and for blondes. It gives you a mini face-lift."

On the red-hair trend:
"Right now, a lot of people are doing Rihanna-inspired reds, really spicy and with a lot of pop, shimmer, and shine. Along with that, there are a lot of bright ginger pieces coming through, there’s a lot of brightness coming through, and there are even neon colors you can play with."


On the next big color trend:
"A really popular technique right now is [what I call] Ibarra. It’s related to the ombré effect, but the process is a little different. You do a partial highlight, and then in between the foils you go in and do a feather technique. Basically, you’re painting in bands of deep, rich color and bands of lighter color. It’s a classic weave with balayage sprinkled throughout. The simple effect it creates is really beautiful — seamless, dimensional color."

On the best color change to make for the new season:
"I think going lighter, to a level seven [dark blond] or above. You want to go into the sunrise blonds; shades that are subtle, feathered with gold. My favorite colors for Spring are a blend of sunrise tones with a beautiful blue base, like an ash tone."

Bootsweety Bootsweety 6 years
let's do more color!
Bootsweety Bootsweety 6 years
the effect if Ibarra is beautiful and seamless, tame or avante-garde, it would be fun to do a before and after for one of bella sugars's lucky readers!
MillieMassa MillieMassa 6 years
I just posted this interview on my blog I am totally going to do the Ibarra!!!
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
Anon, I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. No matter what you think of Michaele Salahi, I'd say the lady has darn good hair, especially for a light blonde. Glad you like your color so much, though.
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 6 years
Oh!! Glad you could connect.
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
I'd like to see pics of the "Ibarra" technique, or at least a name that I can use to see references. It sounds interesting, but the description makes it hard for me to picture.
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