Here's an oldie but goodie: Johnson's No More Tangles. I remember reading, years ago, that Jennifer Aniston used this — and so did I. Its lovely, distinct smell was the only reason I let my mom comb my matted, chlorine-damaged hair after Summer camp as a kid.

Unfortunately, despite claiming on the back to be the "same product, new package," a fellow former devotee and I both think the scent is different. Not unpleasant, but different (it dissipates after a few minutes). If you're in a bind or hate the smell, you can mix equal parts conditioner and water in a spray bottle for similar results, but you won't get the No More Tears formula (plus, your conditioner probably costs more than $3.69 anyway). The official instructions for No More Tangles actually say to skip conditioner when using it, which I wouldn't recommend unless you have very fine or oily hair. When sprayed on dry hair, No More Tangles is kind of sticky at first, and then hair is softer and easier to comb. As much as I miss the scent I remember, I'm still a fan — even if I'm just being nostalgic.