Kate Lanphear is the style director of Elle, and she is also the number-one stunner in my book. She reminds me of the coolest girl in high school, the one who listened to Joy Division and drove a crappy vintage car and read The Waste Land at lunchtime. She makes me think of Watts from Some Kind of Wonderful gone fashion.

You'll usually find Kate wearing spiked bracelets with next season's Lanvin and Balmain, but you won't find her wearing much makeup. (Seeing her wear smoky eye makeup in this Stylista clip was a surprise.) Instead, she sports flawless skin, a bit of lip balm, and her signature look — cropped hair in a lightning-shock shade of blonde. It's not a look that everyone can pull off, obviously, but every time I see her at fashion week, it takes all of my composure not to run to the nearest Duane Reade and buy a hair-bleaching kit. Are you crushing on her white-light-white-heat style, too?