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Kate Walsh's New Perfume, Billionaire Boyfriend

Kate Walsh on Bond Girls, Polo, and Eating Perfume

Private Practice star Kate Walsh is also a perfume impresario, and she just came out with her second scent, Billionaire Boyfriend. We recently talked to Kate about what it's really like to design a celebrity fragrance, what scents she associates with actual boyfriends, and whether she has any intention of following in Justin Bieber's footsteps. Check out the world premiere of her newest commercial above (there's an octopus and a mermaid, so you know it's good), and find out more about Kate's Boyfriend experience below when you read more.

BellaSugar: What have you learned about making perfume that you never knew as a consumer?
Kate Walsh: Everything. I knew the basics, but I didn't really know anything about olfactive categories, like chypres, fougères, and florals, when I started. When I came up with the idea for Boyfriend initially, I actually brought in a candle and was like, "I want it to smell kind of like this." So it's been a learning process. It's similar to learning about wine: if someone tells you that a bottle has a clean blackberry finish and you're not a wine aficionado, it's really not going to mean anything.

BellaSugar: What's changed about the Boyfriend line since you came up with the idea?
KW: When I first had the idea for Boyfriend, I wanted it to smell like the scent of a girl wearing her boyfriend's cologne. But then as I learned more about fragrance and smelled more, I realized I didn't want to be on a daily diet of that, and so we made it more feminine. We added a lot of warmth and vanilla, and then a really gorgeous floral accord sort of swirling around on top.

BellaSugar: What's your favorite part of the fragrance design process?
KW: I love all of it, and I always think concurrently about all of it, too. I really enjoy the storytelling part of it, though, and designing packaging. Billionaire Boyfriend is definitely a fantasy fragrance, and it's more about fun. When we were working on it, I was inspired by James Bond and Bond girls on tropical islands with turquoise water. There's also a bit of an homage to '60s Italian films. Creatively, I've been having a ball.

BellaSugar: What scents actually do remind you of a boyfriend?
KW: I'm always going to go old-school with Polo; it's probably my first memory of noticing a guy's fragrance and thinking "Hmm, that smells good," almost like you want to eat it. That's actually something I always want with scent, that "this smells so good, I wish I could take a bite of it" moment.

BellaSugar: You support a lot of great causes very vocally — Oceana, Planned Parenthood. Would you consider going the Justin Bieber route and doing a fragrance for charity?
KW: Yeah! I definitely would do a charitable Boyfriend; it's a really fun idea.

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