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Katniss Everdeen's Hunger Games Opening Ceremony Makeup

Hunger Games Beauty: Get Katniss's Opening Ceremonies Look

We're happy to present this story from our friends at Allure:

Every time a new image is released from The Hunger Games, fans react like it's a gift from their sponsor flying in by silver parachute. (If you don't know what that means, you still have 55 days to read the book before the premiere.

But we have to admit, even we squealed a bit over this new picture, which shows Katniss before the chariot ride in the opening ceremonies. Her dress, which earns her the nickname "Girl on Fire," is amazing; but what we're really impressed with is the smoldering makeup. In the book, Katniss describes her face in this scene as "relatively clear of makeup, just a bit of highlighting here and there." But from the looks of the photo, makeup artist Ve Neill either didn't read the book (we're guessing probably not so likely) or took some creative license (and we don't mind!). Here's how she got the look:

Eyes: Neill used MAC eye shadow in Orange to create the flare in the outer corners before lining her eyes in black cream liner. She added Urban Decay False Lashes in Lure for extra intensity. "The more makeup you put on a beautiful woman, the more exotic and mature she looks," said Neill. "We wanted to keep her looking really youthful."


Cheeks: Neill drew attention to her "beautiful, heart-shaped face" by highlighting her cheekbones with MAC Lustre Drops in Sunrush (a liquid gold highlighter).

Lips: Those lips (which spend the last half of the Games kissing Peeta) were amped up with L'Oréal Infallible Lipgloss in Fiery(a bronze-y pink). "We wanted it to be clean, crisp beauty with touches of color," Neill said.

What do you think of Katniss's makeup? Do you love it, or do you wish Neill had stayed more true to the book? And most of all, would you wear it?

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Do you like it when stars go makeup-free?

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killerqueen13 killerqueen13 5 years
From what I can tell in this picture, the makeup really is "barely there" in terms of something you're putting onstage, so it seems like Neill did keep fairly close to the book. From a distance, highlighting is probably what you would notice. The beauty and outfit look awesome, can't wait to see them on fire!
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 5 years
i think the lips seem a little too dark to fit the "barely there" makeup that she's supposed to have but otherwise I think it's done really well. what I AM trying to figure out is what they are wearing! it doesn't look much like what I remember reading..
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