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Katy Perry's Makeup Routine

10 Things You've Been Dying to Know About Katy Perry's Makeup Routine

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Curious about Katy Perry's makeup routine? See what Allure found out from her personal makeup artist!

If you're a professional makeup artist, working with Katy Perry is like hitting the jackpot. Not only do you get to work with a high-profile celebrity, but you also get to have some glittery! colorful! fun. Todd Delano is one of the lucky makeup artists who works with Perry on a regular basis — you can see him applying her eyeliner while she's lying down in her documentary Part of Me, and he's currently globe-trotting with the pop star on her Prismatic world tour. Lucky for us, Delano took a quick break to chat with us about his dream job.

Tell me, do you always do her makeup while she's lying down?
"The first time I did her makeup while she was sleeping, which we refer to as 'sleeping beauty.' But we actually don't do that anymore. She will still rest her head back while I'm doing her liner — it's a good moment for her to meditate and relax."

Katy is always wearing brightly colored clothing. How does that affect her makeup?
"If she's wearing bright colors, which she usually is, I'll tend to use natural hues so her makeup doesn't clash. However, she can really pull off any look."

And what about when she changes her hair color — does that affect how you do her makeup?
"Not that much to be honest. I always try to give Katy a classic, beautiful makeup look no matter what her hair color. The makeup doesn't change too much whether her hair is green, pink, or purple."

What is your favorite look that you've created for her?
"I think Katy is at her best when she keeps it fresh and natural: dewy skin, defined brows, mascara, and lip gloss."

What is her most requested makeup look?
"Her signature cat eye! I use CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner ($7) in black to make it dramatic and long-lasting."

Is there anything makeup-wise she won't do?
"She's superadventurous with her style, and she really is willing to try anything. She is very meticulous about her brows, though, which frame her beautiful blue eyes."

Katy has been pretty open about her oily skin. What are the foundation tricks that you use on her?
"I make sure her skin is clean and hydrated before I begin, and I almost always prep her skin with primer. As for foundation, right now I'm loving CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation ($9) for Katy, because it's oil-free and actually pulls oil and sweat away from your face rather than trapping it under your foundation. It's genius for high-energy performances. Oh, and of course, I always set her foundation with powder no matter what."

What's the craziest product you've used on Katy?
"That would have to be preserved butterflies for the album artwork for Prism."

Have you ever had any glitter fiascoes?
"You learn fast that glitter sticks to everything, so it's important to dust loose powder under the eyes to catch the fallout. Of course, I have spilled a jar of glitter, which turns into a beautiful (but messy) disaster . . . "

Katy has such a strong image. What is it like to work with a star like that?
"It definitely makes my job much more fun! Her fierce personality encourages me to get creative and experiment with her look."

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Katy Perry's Makeup Routine
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Katy Perry's Makeup Routine
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