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Katy Perry Says She Never Feels Pretty 2010-08-04 14:30:44

Katy Perry Says She Never Feels Pretty

I have seriously mixed feelings about Katy Perry's new Seventeen magazine interview. In it, she raves about her fiancé, Russell Brand, saying that he's taught her a lot about inner beauty and confidence. Yay! Yay for young love. And yet, the following quote is all kinds of sad:

"I don't really feel pretty ever. Without makeup, I feel ugly. And so I would have to sleep with makeup on, or feel ugly and gross. He looks beyond all of that, which is such a win, because I've never felt that with anybody."

It's always good to find someone who doesn't care about what you look like without (or with) makeup. That's how love should be. On the other hand, her "I feel ugly" talk bums me out. I'm all for candor, but it is depressing to hear someone talk about herself so critically — especially because Katy Perry is a very pretty woman. I keep imagining a gawky teenager reading Katy's quote and thinking, "Wow, if she feels ugly, then I must be hideous." And of course, neither Katy nor that girl is ugly. Imagine this simple but radical shift in thinking: what if women, famous or not, stopped being so hard on ourselves? If we stopped putting energy into that and started from a belief that we're fine (and fiiiiiiine) as we are, what we could accomplish would be endless.

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mbibble mbibble 6 years
"Imagine this simple but radical shift in thinking: what if women, famous or not, stopped being so hard on ourselves? If we stopped putting energy into that and started from a belief that we're fine (and fiiiiiiine) as we are, what we could accomplish would be endless." Seriously? If Katy Perry is the example of this, doesn't this mean that you can get pretty far whilst still being "hard" on yourself? And I know this is the absolutely wrong blog to pose this question on, but is not feeling pretty really being so "hard" on oneself? How important is it to be pretty? She obviously had enough confidence in her talents and in her ability to sell them and it hasn't inhibited her in finding a stable relationship as far as we can see. Why is it so important to feel pretty, pretty or not?
Advah Advah 6 years
A shame she doesn't think of herself as stunning because I find her absolutely gorgeous! However, I wonder how much of it is related to having to wear heavy makeup every day. I'm vaguely more used to it now, but I remember the first 5 years or so I was started wearing makeup, it'd take me about 6 days to get used to seeing myself with makeup on, then about the same time to get used to my own face without makeup. Think she probably wears a LOT of foundation, very coloured liptstick/eyeshadow/blush not to mention insane false eyelashes. And all that applied by professionals, I'm assuming. Not saying this makes her more or less pretty, but I wouldn't be surprised if this would make pretty much everyone see themselves as almost a different person with "perfect" features..
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Right on Genesis! I don't think self-deprecation should ever be the norm, there's no camaraderie in it, only shared misery. That is no way to build a happy life. To hear her say that makes me really feel for her on some levels though. I've gone through periods of depression/low self esteem, I know what it's like to do great things and still not think you're good enough. To see everything she's done, and she's still not happy with herself... it may be years before she's happy with herself, if ever. I hate for anyone to feel that way.
Beauty Beauty 6 years
I agree -- we tend to believe what we tell ourselves.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 6 years
I agree with you 100% Bella. I used to have a very negative self-image as a tween. When I went into high school, I started to say to myself "it doesn't matter if A, B, and C is wrong with me. I'm hot!" Cheesy but ever since I started saying that to myself, I've felt more gorgeous than I ever have before in my life. Maybe Katy should tell herself the same thing.
Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
Jessiebanana, this really rings true for me: "Well maybe they'll read it as "this woman is gorgeous yet she feels ugly too, so maybe I'm not seeing what's really in the mirror either." It helps me to know other people feel like that too. " I have many days where I don't feel pretty. Hearing something like what Katy Perry said makes me think that a lack of confidence in one's looks is something that happens to everyone, and maybe I really do look better than I think.
Beauty Beauty 6 years
I don't think you come across as harsh, comalcuit. I do think that 13-year-old girls are malleable, and most worry about their looks. Some teenagers (like 1961 here) aren't affected by celebrity comments. Others, though, are. I don't think Katy shouldn't have said what she said -- that's up to her. Just makes me sad that someone who has this huge career and is, by any standards, a pretty woman, feels ugly. I do think that negative self-talk perpetuates the idea that women should be their own worst critics. It doesn't make me feel good to hear that beautiful women have insecurities. I mean, I know most people do, and that makes us human. But it's not like having more of us feel insecure is a good thing. The interesting thing is, when is the last time you heard anyone -- famous or not -- say, "Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the way I look"?
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
I think she's focusing on her skin mostly when she comments like this. I had bad skin in HS, and I had a nice body. But, even with my body looking great, if my skin was bad, I felt like I was 100% ugly, even though only one part of me happened to not be so pretty at the time.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
I kind of have to agree with TammyO here. For someone who feels so badly about herself, she sure doesn't seem insecure enough not to pose nude and wear revealing clothing. I think Katy is gorgeous, but I also think her comment is a bunch of crap.
1ninesix1 1ninesix1 6 years
I'm "some gawky teenager" at the age of 15 and Katy's words have no effect on how I view myself. She is beautiful, but her saying that does not make me feel any different. Her words have absolutely nothing to do with me. I cannot speak for everyone my age, but I can say that as a teenager, Katy's thoughts, however ridiculous and self-depricating they may be, don't make me think any less of myself. Sure, I've had my days where I don't feel so pretty. Don't we all? But usually it has something to do with my general mood, rather than me pinpointing minute "imperfections" on my body and obsessing over them. And it never has something to do with what any celebrity says. That being said, for the young girls that really do take her words to heart, it would be nicer if someone as well known and looked up to as Katy would set a better example and talk about self confidence and empowerment.
couwy couwy 6 years
I agree that Katy is a beautiful woman, but there was something in this article that I need to go on a small rant about. And though it may come off as harsh, I hope someone will understand. The "Oh she thinks she's ugly, what does that say about me?" line of thought never sat well with me. As someone who dealt with BDD, that thought honestly never crossed my mind. It's understandable to pinpoint the media as a cause of body image issues, but blaming another person who's equally insecure is baseless. A 'friend' once said something like that to me after I had been successful in overcoming my problems. Basically, she was blaming her body image issues on me. My issues were my cross to bear and no one else's. I grew from my experiences, and I wasn't about to let some remark like that guilt trip me. Blaming others only makes things worse. I'm not saying blame yourself, just refocus that energy and try to use it to overcome obstacles such as negative body image.
TammyO TammyO 6 years
Well then maybe THAT'S why she had such bad acne.. from sleeping in her makeup all the time. But seriously, if she always feels ugly then she sure is confident enough to pose topless in magazines and wear the skimpiest most eye catching clothes.
mindtergalactic mindtergalactic 6 years
well i think all women should invest more in skin care rather than make up, that way we should embrace our natural beauty. It's so sad that a lot of women tend to depend on make up, especially teens
flowergirl flowergirl 6 years
Sleep with make up on? Noooo!!!
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
I know what you mean Bella, it is sad, but your initial post makes it seem like maybe it mightbe best if she never said it at all and that's where I disagree. I think women have this idea that if they were thinner or prettier or had nicer hair that they could and would be truly happy with themselves, but that's not true and I think "confessions" like Katie's really blows that idea up. Acceptance and confidence is about loving yourself for who you and if you don't it doesn't matter how physically beautiful you are. I also agree with the skin issue. Acne scarring can make you feel terrible without makeup and because pigment scars are so easily covered by mu, unlike things like nose or eye shape, wearing foundation can be very transforming and you get dependent on it.
Beauty Beauty 6 years
I think it's always good when you find someone who thinks the world of you no matter what you look like. I mean, that's how it's supposed to be. So if a relationship helps her feel more confident, that's great -- as long as she's feeling it. I totally understand the self-consciousness (especially since she's in the public eye, and people can be viciously cruel about a woman's appearance) but the thing is, she's very pretty! And even if she weren't, hello, she has this huge career and is accomplished and talented -- much more important than looks. I dunno, I just feel saddened by her comment. Women have *got* to stop being so hard on ourselves.
marcied23 marcied23 6 years
yeah, that's what I was thinking that b/c she feels ugly even though she is obviously beautiful, maybe other girls will look at themselves differently and see their beauty in spite of how they feel. i do feel sorry for her, because not only is she beautiful and smart but she's talented.
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 6 years
She's had problems with acne. While I've generally been pretty blessed in the skin department, I had a terrible bout of deep, painful acne when I was a teenager, and I can understand why someone with skin issues would feel so insecure without all that makeup.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
Well maybe they'll read it as "this woman is gorgeous yet she feels ugly too, so maybe I'm not seeing what's really in the mirror either." It helps me to know other people feel like that too. It might not be that he's a man, it could just be that he's the person who sees her all the time and w/o mu. A lot of people are never w/o in front of friends and family.
dancinlaughin01 dancinlaughin01 6 years
she was voted sexiest woman in the world by maxim and she still doesn't feel beautiful. its so sad that she needs a man to help her feel pretty, because she is obviously gorgeous with and without makeup. i agree with the writer, i wonder how young girls will feel when they read this.
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