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Keep Straight Styles Sleek With Four Wrap Tips

Cristina at ShopStyle

If you've got relaxed-yet-wavy hair (like curly Bella), you've probably at least heard of "wrapping." The technique can help breakage-prone or frizzy hair preserve sleek styles while you sleep or work out. Whether it involves chemically straightened, flat-ironed or blow-dried tresses, wrapping provides less stress on your hair and holds straightness through the night with a satin sleep cap or scarf. It's not a hard process once you get the hang of it, so see my steps to get started when you


  • Divide the hair. Starting at the crown of your head, brush the front middle part of your hair – from top of head to forehead – over the front of your face with a boar-bristle brush. (Think of Cousin It). The back and side portions of your hair should be left down as usual.
  • Choose your direction. To begin the wrapping process, you'll want to brush the hair in the direction that you part your hair (e.g., if you part on the left side, you'll comb around your head going toward the right.) To get a strong start, place one palm on top of your head to hold the hair closest to your scalp down pat.
  • Keep it moving. Keep brushing hair repeatedly in the same direction around your head until all your hair wraps around it. If necessary, add pins to hold down any pieces that fall.
  • Top it off. Many people complain that satin wraps or scarves come off in the night. If you're into lasting results (and sacrificing fashion), grab a pair of clean pantyhose. Put the "top" part over your scarf/satin cap, wrap the "legs" around your head, and tie to secure. It ain't pretty, but it gets the job done.

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