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Kelly Rowland's "Chocolate Beauty" Revelation

Need proof that even famous, gorgeous women haven't always felt so beautiful? Page Six reports that former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland used to wish she had lighter skin. "It's said that brown-skinned girls don't sell magazines and that's so sad," she says in next month's Essence. "I remember wishing I was more fair-skinned, but Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's mom, would say, 'Don't you know how beautiful you are?' She made me come into my brown beauty. I didn't get it, but now I do. I am chocolate and beautiful and loving it."

I'm glad that Kelly had someone to help her feel beautiful in her skin, because, frankly, I know too many women who grew up feeling that their looks didn't measure up. What about you? Have you always felt good about your appearance, or was there a moment when you started to see your own beauty? Or is it an ongoing process? Tell me what you think.


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JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
Her skin is a gorgeous color. My skin is really white but not in a porcelain and pretty way. It's just dull and lifeless. Her skin has a lot of glow and pretty undertones. Lucky girl.
trésjolie1 trésjolie1 10 years
ThePerfectScore: I know! Why haven't anyone asked us yet? This is a GOLDMINE! I just want to add that as a Norwegian the entire summer there is about getting a tan, and since summers there are short and inconsistent many people have to travel to Spain etc. JUST to get a tan. It's really insane. I have finally accepted my unchangeable whiteness, and I no longer feel like I have to be something different than what I am: yay! So it really does go both ways. I once went to the Greek island of Crete, and I lied by the beach every day for an entire week, hoping for great results (I did manage to burn my butt). When I came home guys commented that I didn't have a tan at all, and I was so embarrased (I was 16)! I shall never be a sungoddess (sorry Sephora), and I'm o.k. with that.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 10 years
Ladies this is like Therapy! I feel like we should be on Oprah or the Tyra show... But gasps! I too was a victim of wishing I were lighter skinned and had smaller lips .... a smaller frame.....Longer hair.. yadda yadda... But then I realized whilst I was at Starbucks and spilled some Cinnamon on my hand...That my cinnamon complexion is amazing, especially when the sun brings out the red hues.... Lips are amazing, they are full and soft and drive men wild.... my hips, my butt, my breast,,, everything about me is great.... OH and I have the greatest bridge of the nose ever... Its so amazing I love to just take pictures from the side!
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
Kelly is beautiful in her own skin. I'm also happy to be who I am -- though it didn't happen until adulthood. (But I do wish someone had talked sister Kelly out of that dark lipliner. Not good. Not good!)
trésjolie1 trésjolie1 10 years
I actually understand how andi (the first comment) feels. My mother always saw her kids as an extension of herself, and as a very strong character in my life her approval was something that wasn't a given, not when it came to apperance. She needed me to be a mini version of herself, and gave me highlights all over at the age of 11, and I started wearing makeup very early. To this day I dress up and makes sure that my hair and makeup is at it's best whenever I see her, and I don't think she has seen me un-done since my early teens. If I don't look my best she says that I look tired and asks if I'm sick. Luckily I have grown out of her standard and now love my looks, and my honey/strawberry blond hair, and somehow (I know it sounds bad) that she now is aging and having weight issues it is easier to see my own beauty. Having a loving boyfriend has certainly helped me too, and his friends and family often see me with little or no makeup. But it wasn't just me, when my brother was 14 she tried to get him to dye his hair because he has a reddish hue, and my older sister has a different physique than me and my brother, not as thin, and my mother was always worse with her, trying to get her to loose weight. Now I think she is jealous at times of how I look, and I'm the one with the pointers on staying in shape. So, go Andi!
natalieb1 natalieb1 10 years
Well this may surprise some people, but I am black and I was absolutely devastated when I came home from a semester abroad in Europe and found that I was 5 shades LIGHTER! I had always prided myself on my beautiful chocolate brown skin. Now I am trying to find the beauty in what my Mom calls honey, but what I call Yellow. Brava Kelly, Black is beautiful (not to mention white, tan, brown and every color in between)! Really, how boring would it be if everyone had the same skin color. There is a lovely poem by Langston Hughes that describes every color that a black girl can come in, which is basically from coal to cream and each one is lovely. Really we should take pride in ourselves no matter what color the wrapper is I guess....
KrisSugar KrisSugar 10 years
anyway what i meant to say was that was one of my earliest lessons that you really can't be something you're not! you can try, but it will just look silly. my little friend already liked me for who I was, and we just shared barettes from then on. :)
KrisSugar KrisSugar 10 years
I am white and grew up wishing I was black! I envied them having skin that was all one color, not pink, blotchy, and freckled. I envied their hair that it DID things and didn't hang there like a flat mess. My grandma took me to the library, where we checked out a book on braids. I insisted on having cornrows! Well grandma tried it and showed me that it wouldn't work so well on my hair. They appeased me by letting me wear a thousand little barrettes. (So i could be like my friend at school)
breeze breeze 10 years
i'm a lighter complected black woman, and i always imagined myself as browner b/c everyone else in the household is. i grew up believing my mom who is a smidge lighter than kelly was the prettiest woman in the world. then i felt like the world tried to teach me something different as i got older, and i have always been saddened by the imagery out there for young "brown" women because they are made to feel like they are less beautiful than fairer women, and this is simply untrue. the music & film industry proliferates this belief-system and we're inundated with light-to-tan women in music videos and television. it's a slow change.
Sweet-as-Sugar Sweet-as-Sugar 10 years
Had the same issues as Kelly as a kid, I wished I was blonde and would constantly walk around with a yellow towel on my head. Totally fine with myself now, just took a few years!
hvnly34 hvnly34 10 years
I have brown skin and very coarse hair and many women in my family have fair skin and softer hair. I was also very self-conscious of that. I try extra hard to make sure my daughter doesn't have those same concerns, but even though I have worn my hair in dreads, afro, long, long and curly - she has a junior obsession with long straight hair...
strawberryfield strawberryfield 10 years
her dress looks gorgeous as i can see!
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 10 years
I have the same issue as Kelly had - I too am brown skinned and go through phases of feeling ugly because of it. I also have a very wharped body image b/c I am curvier than most caucasian females. I think/ I know it stems from growing up in all white town in CT...
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
That is the story of my life. I grew up with people calling me names all the time about my dark brown skin (people from my own race) from 5th grade to 8th grade. Amazingly it stopped once we got to high school. I always wanted to look like the lighter skinned black girls and was always jealous of them. I used to hate the people that would call me darky or the black stallion. And it did nothing for my self-esteem but make it worst. I'm not going to say that I got over it completely, and that I'm this happy go lucky person and am like Kelly,and that I can make this statement, "I am chocolate and beautiful and loving it," but I can deal with it a little bit better now. And yea, I still go through periods of low self-esteem and envy. So, it's an ongoing process. I don't think that will ever change, at least for me. Such is life.
lucyS lucyS 10 years
I think that picture of Kelly is gorgeous.
rachi99 rachi99 10 years
"my sister has has loads of kids and is fat. " Those of us who are overweight might take exception to this statement in what was supposed to be a "learn to celebrate your unique beauty" kind of thread. Just sayin'.
andreadeann andreadeann 10 years
I have never wanted to be anything other than what I am. My mother is black and my father is white and Iwas blessed with the best of both worlds! Freckles, lips, hair that goes in any style that I want. I feel very blessed.
AdrianaC AdrianaC 10 years
That's pretty hypocritical of Tina Knowles. Her daughter/client, Beyonce, bleaches her skin like crazy.
little_one little_one 10 years
sadly, for me it's still an ongoing process. There are days that i wake up wishing i looked different and there are other days that i think i'm okay. I know i'm not hedious and i've seen uglier girls than me out there that really seem happy with themselves and wonder why can't i be that happy like them. All in all i have comed a long way cause when i was 17/18 all i wanted was plastic surgery, very very sad.
shantiyaah shantiyaah 10 years
kelly is a beautiful woman and i like her skin. I always wanted to be white but know i pretty happy with my color because brown is a beautiful color.
vienvien vienvien 10 years
I was like Miss Rowland. I grew up thinking and believing I'm he ugliest girl in the world. I have a long face, flat cheeks, crooked teeth and most of all, very ver dark skin---"abnormally" darker than most Filipinos. Filipinos and most Asians are obsessed with whitening ---they deem that "whiter skin is beautiful" ---that's why whitening products are a phenomenal craze there. Every girl there wants to be white like Caucasians. Even Ponds and Neutrogena (which are US-based) manufacture whitening products geared for Asian markets only. For so many years, I sturggled with a very low self-esteem , constantl;y being teased about my looks --of my unusually long face, flat cheeks and very, very dark skin. I fixed my teeth with braces and tried to whiten my skin. However, when I came to America, people like m color. They even want to be tanned. They bathe in the sun to get a bronze color like mine , sometimes ending up being burnt (like my husband) and so Elmo-red. People here think I'm beautiful (modesty aside). And I said to my American friends, "wait till I get back to the Philippines, I'd be back being the ugliest girl in the world again"----and my husband would joke "So you're like Superman. He loses his power when he is on his planet, Krypton" . Hehehehe!!! Right now, I still think I am not beautiful but I will try to be beautiful---by taking care of my looks and my spirit and faith ---from the inside to the outside. Since I believe that the essence of the external comes from what's indside.
queencessjosie queencessjosie 10 years
Bravo for Miss Rowland. It's very sad indeed to know that most women don't come to that aspect of self-realization. For myself it was a slow process (Well, I'm actually quite young, so maybe not that slow?). Then I woke up one day and something washed over me and I realized that I'm not going to conform and confine my standards of beauty to what others' standards are. I can't explain it. I think it's more of an "Aha!" moment thing.
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
she is a very pretty woman. i wish that all women knew how pretty they look in the skin they were born with.
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