It seems like every day is some sort of special day, and I can get behind today's reason for celebrating. It's Kiehl's Day! There's a cool story behind this: In 1647, Peter Stuyvesant, who governed the land that would later be called Manhattan, planted a pear tree on his farm. It bore fruit until 1867, when it was destroyed in a wagon accident. That spot is at 13th Street and Third Avenue, home of Kiehl's flagship store.

Four years ago, Kiehl's planted a new pear tree to commemorate the spot, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared the day Kiehl's Day. It's a sweet PR coup, but it's also a chance to pick up Kiehl's goodies with some extra treats. This week, when you shop at, you can get a complimentary Lip Balm #1 and free shipping on orders over $45. For the code you'll need to take advantage of this deal, plus a few shopping suggestions from yours truly,

Shop online with the code PEARTREE to get the free lip balm and shipping. Here are a few of my favorite Kiehl's items—all come tried, tested, and Bella-approved!