I am a huge fan of Kiehl's and their new Yerba Maté products are really getting me psyched. So far, I've tried the toner, and it's great. My skin is calm and it smells delish. I decided to get the back-story on the South American Yerba Maté tree and no wonder this stuff is flying off the shelves, the benefits are really impressive!

Supposedly, the leaves boost your immune defenses, enhance your health, vitality and longevity. It is jam packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and loads of amino acids that help keep you looking young.

Although I have zero room in my bathroom for another skin care regimen, there's no way I am passing this one up. The line includes a foaming Cleanser, $21, a soothing Toner, $25, and a lightweight Lotion, $35. Kiehl's is famous for their samples, so try some and let me know what you think.