Kim Kardashian has been fighting off rumors that she got collagen or fillers injected after a video of her with puffed-up lips surfaced. Kim, however, says that's silly. "Not true," she told Extra. "I have the flu. I'm puffy and swollen, and I have no makeup on." Plus, she says she'd never try lip injections. "I think my lips are big enough to my taste level," she added.

I've been down with the flu myself for most of this week. It did make me look different, but I only wish taut, extra-pouty lips had been my lot, instead of crappy skin and rheumy eyes. I can totally understand Kim's point about not having makeup on, but have you ever gotten a plumped-up pout from falling ill? Or are Kardashian illnesses, like so many other things about the clan, just beyond the ken of mere mortals? If you haven't seen the video people are talking about, just keep reading.