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Will Kinoki Foot Pads Remove Your Cellulite?

The other night, Mr. Bella and I were watching TV when we came across a hilarious ad for Kinoki foot pads. These pads promise to rid your body of toxins and cellulite with "tree extracts and powerful negative ions." You just tape them on the soles of your feet, go to sleep, and wake up to see brown crud on the pads. Here's the commercial:

Kinoki is based on an "Ancient Japanese secret," which (of course) is followed by the sound of a gong. (On Kinoki's website, it's apparently all about "ancient Chinese reflexology" — China, Japan, same thing, right? Sigh.) It should be needless to say, but I agree with Fit — this is a load of bunk. If you still aren't convinced,


Here's why Kinoki doesn't deserve your money:

  • Kinoki cannot remove cellulite. Eating well and exercising can help, but Kinoki cannot suck the orange-peel skin away. It is physically impossible for a foot pad to "soak up" your cellulite, and cellulite isn't caused by toxic substances, anyway.

  • Don't be fooled by the color changes on the foot pad. Those aren't toxins; they're more likely a reaction between the ingredients and the sweat on your feet.

  • Kinoki also offers a set of "detox eye patches" that promise to "diminish the Appearance of Dark Circles, Crows Feet & Puffy Eyes." Putting aside the random capitalization, pay attention to what it says — it will merely make things look better. That's not bad, but a simple eye cream can do the same thing.

Join The Conversation
Mockarena Mockarena 9 years
Check out our experiment with the kinoki foot pads at We were featured on 20/20! Guarantee you'll giggle at least a little.
superjules superjules 9 years
Your brains can also leave your body through the feet...
rashell rashell 9 years
hey... i like the magic bullet... *embarassed face*
kerish kerish 9 years
well i think if u stick a plaster to ur foot overnight it looks black the next morning..
halochick halochick 9 years
lol@ the glorified pantyliner comment. haha.
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
OH, I love the Magic Bullet!
MzShanon MzShanon 9 years
NO China, Japan are DEFINITELY NOT the same thing! LOL! WTF?!
TFS TFS 9 years
Leony Leony 9 years
LOL I've never heard of it before.
juliarose23 juliarose23 9 years
hahaha this is so funny. i wonder is anyone has actually bought these?
emalove emalove 9 years
One of my friends on another website blogged about this the other day. It's so absurd! And I can't believe people are buying into it. I guess these pads are just dried vinegar, some bamboo extract, and other bontonicals...and yes, they react with your sweat to create the "brown/black color".
tmmkitten tmmkitten 9 years
the first time i saw this, i thought it was a SNL skit. i am dang sure my body doesn't work the same way as a plant or tree, so it is just laughable that they can get away with those claims.
MindayH MindayH 9 years
I would be interested to see how much they actually sell
I love how it says Japanese on the commercial and then Chinese on the website. That is too funny...I can't believe they would let that go unnoticed!!
LaFemmeFatal LaFemmeFatal 9 years
I freaking love this commercial. It's only second to the Magic Bullet.
jasmint jasmint 9 years
I love this commercial.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
More like foot sweat or dirt that's on your feet... what a load of bull! Who would believe stuff like this??
missgnav missgnav 9 years
Oh my gosh. My boyfriend and I saw this ad probably about a month ago. Even though I will never buy it, it was worth a good laugh to watch.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 9 years
You guys must have missed the Mike and Juliette show where they debunked this as well as other claims ( Airborne was on the same show)!
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
I admit, I was interested until I researched it. But then again, I'm a sucker for Seen on TV type things... luminesse, bare minerals (though that one was a winner), Magic Bullet Food processors...
shernic82 shernic82 9 years
One of the networks did a segment on this in a news program called "too good to be true?" They don't do anything. In fact, they look dirty if you pour water on they're changing colors because your feet sweat during the night. People also said they smelled like yes, they're a waste of money! Totally fake!
dolceproserpine dolceproserpine 9 years
KBC and AZNTV (now defunct) used the run the Kinoki commercials all the time! Each time they'd air my husband and I would laugh at the products. I mean, how gullible can you be to believe that you can loose weight and rid yourself of toxins all by sticking a glorified panty-liner on your feet? Such silliness!
Le-Luxe Le-Luxe 9 years
I saw this commercial on tv and thought it was a joke!
mnp mnp 9 years
ABC news did an article on this. They even had a research study group put together and they proved that it does not work. It's a placebo affect.
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