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The other night, Mr. Bella and I were watching TV when we came across a hilarious ad for Kinoki foot pads. These pads promise to rid your body of toxins and cellulite with "tree extracts and powerful negative ions." You just tape them on the soles of your feet, go to sleep, and wake up to see brown crud on the pads. Here's the commercial:

Kinoki is based on an "Ancient Japanese secret," which (of course) is followed by the sound of a gong. (On Kinoki's website, it's apparently all about "ancient Chinese reflexology" — China, Japan, same thing, right? Sigh.) It should be needless to say, but I agree with Fit — this is a load of bunk. If you still aren't convinced,


Here's why Kinoki doesn't deserve your money:

  • Kinoki cannot remove cellulite. Eating well and exercising can help, but Kinoki cannot suck the orange-peel skin away. It is physically impossible for a foot pad to "soak up" your cellulite, and cellulite isn't caused by toxic substances, anyway.

  • Don't be fooled by the color changes on the foot pad. Those aren't toxins; they're more likely a reaction between the ingredients and the sweat on your feet.

  • Kinoki also offers a set of "detox eye patches" that promise to "diminish the Appearance of Dark Circles, Crows Feet & Puffy Eyes." Putting aside the random capitalization, pay attention to what it says — it will merely make things look better. That's not bad, but a simple eye cream can do the same thing.

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