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Kiss and Makeup Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

Kiss Cyberbullying Goodbye With This Powerful Makeup Message

If you've been seeing some of your favorite Instabloggers snap photos with pout prints on their hands, it's not to promote a new lipstick or excitement about smooching on Valentine's Day. The selfies are spreading in hopes of kissing away cyberbullying on social networks.

Whether or not you've been victimized by hurtful comments on social media, chances are you've probably witnessed bullying in some form on a digital platform. According to DoSomething.org, a massive 90 percent of teens witness cyberbullying daily — but say nothing about it.

This scary statistic is one that Tarte Cosmetics and BystanderRevolution hope to change through the #KissAndMakeup campaign. The two brands have teamed up on the social media initiative to build cyberbullying awareness by spreading the word (and love) through selfies.

Getting involved in the movement is simple. Take to your Instagram or Twitter account and post a picture with your pucker print on the back of your hand. Mention someone special, and sprinkle a positive message into your caption. Don't forget to tag @tartecosmetics and @bystanderrevolution and hashtag #AntiCyberbullying to get your photo seen around the web. You'll be surprised at the amount of positivity you can shine on someone's day with just a lipstick! Keep on scrolling to see some of your favorite beauty bloggers get on board.

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