How-To: Kristen Stewart's Rocking New Moon Hair

I know what you might be thinking: "Kristen Stewart's hair is too wild for me to pull off." Not so! On the New Moon red carpet tonight, Kristen manages to turn this curly hairstyle, which could easily go more the route of high school-prom, into a funky 'do with plenty of edge. The great thing is, this look is not only wearable for all hair types, but it's both modern and fresh, too. Try it out. You might just surprise yourself.

To get my tips on recreating this sophisticated style with a twist, just keep reading.

  • Step One: It's all about creating a slept-in texture with this look. Start out by applying Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist ($22) on damp locks.
  • Step Two: Blow dry hair, scrunching your locks with your fingers to create volume and waves.
  • Step Three: Once hair is dry, using a curling around with at least a two-inch barrel, curl the entire head of hair using a spiral technique. (Hold the curling iron parallel to the head as you curl.) To make the look more interesting, alternate between curing strands both away and towards the face.
  • Step Four: Loosen up the curl by softly raking your fingers through the style. Now, twist small sections from the temple area and pull back a few inches on the side, securing with bobby pins. Keep it loose and slightly puffed forward. Be sure to leave some hair out on the sides for a contemporary effect. For the fringe area, use the same loose and slightly-puffed technique. You can even lightly criss-cross sections over each other to create a more tousled style.
  • Step Five: Spritz with a medium-hold hairspray — and have sweet dreams of Robert Pattinson all the night long.
Image Source: WireImage
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