Eyeliners come in so many forms. You've got your gels, your creamy pencils, your liquid types — and then there are the ones that are composed entirely of powder. Last week, I was at the drugstore and I came upon the latter. I'm such a sucker for unusual packaging, and this Bare Naturale Eyeliner ($8.99) from L'Oreal caught my eye.

My office buddy and I took a field trip to the ladies' room to try out this new liner. So, we both knew how we are supposed to "swirl and tap" before applying mineral types of makeup, but we got a little frustrated with the powdery mess that was created. While we liked the fact that the angled brush is included (how could you lose this one?), it was awkward to twist open without causing major spillage.

Speaking of that brush: I'm a fan, but my pal felt it was difficult to hold. Soft and angled, the line we created was precise, but not heavy. (Unfortunately, it was hard to control, hence the errant powder you see below.) While the line is sharp, if you're looking for longevity and stay-put power, this powder doesn't do the job. By the end of the day we had rings under our eyes, and we both agreed to leave this one in the, er, dust.

Check out my photo gallery below to see what went down.