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L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Pure Smooth Shampoo Review

Reader Review of the Day: L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Pure Smooth Shampoo

It's hard to keep up with all the "green" products on the market right now, so I haven't had the chance to try L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Pure Smooth Shampoo ($7). It's supposed to be gentle and sulfate-free, and although those are both good things, that doesn't mean that it's the right one for you. Reader xholdxmexunderx took it for a test-drive and wasn't terribly impressed, saying:

"I got this after dying my hair dark, and it didn't rinse out my color like most other shampoos do. However, I couldn't get pass the smell of it — a weird herbal scent — and it did not do a good job of actually cleaning the product out of my hair."

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JessRose JessRose 7 years
I LOVE this shampoo and conditioner combo. I have the conditioning mask and the leave-in and the spray as well! I think the rosemary mint smell is fine - it's almost like a crisp green herbal scent - it doesn't bother me and I seem to be the only person who notices - and even my BF said he couldn't smell it. I will be re-purchasing these for sure. For some reason, my hair and highlights just LOVE this line. So I'm glad. :) I also think that it smelled way better than any of those Purology products - YUCK.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 7 years
I use this and I really like it! It really holds up to it's promise not to rinse color away, like lilkimbo says.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
I have the conditioner and shampoo and I love them both. My hair is in a lot better shape than it was when I was using much more expensive Fekkai and Jonathon shampoos/conditioners. And anon #1, I think the reason she specifically mentioned that it didn't wash the color out of her hair is that the majority of color care system shampoos don't hold up on their promise to not rinse the color away.
tataykay tataykay 7 years
i have the conditioner and i really like it... makes your hair soft and minty :) haven't tried the shampoo yet though.
caty1221 caty1221 7 years
i bought this product after i colored my hair too and i don't love it. i don't like that the shampoo and conditioner are two different scents. i won't repurchase this and will be looking for something better.
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