La lovely La Mer is getting ready to release a brand-new skin care genre for Fall 2008. This September, the brand introduces Hydrating Infusion ($95), a prepping base (think of it as using double the lotion) that wets the skin and locks in moisture so that you can fully receive even more of the moisture benefits from Crème de la Mer.

I know what you're thinking — are they serious with this? Why is this even necessary? I thought the same thing until I read an interview with Paul Tchinnis, the Director of R and D for La Mer, and he makes a strong case. He explains that:

"There are two ways to hydrate and moisturize the skin. One is to trap the moisture that already exists in your skin, and the other is to add moisture to your skin through creams. Some consumers want even more moisture. You can’t just apply double the amount because your skin can only absorb so much. So, part of the reason we’ve invented Infusion is to approach moisture using a different delivery system."

I'm all for having a fresh looking, well hydrated face, but I don't suffer from super-dry skin to the point where I need twice the amount of moisturizer. However, I have tried "The Infusion" and it's not something I'd totally turn my back on, either. It has a silky texture (thicker than water, thinner than a gel) and when used under Crème de la Mer, it creates a heavenly, rich and dewy effect. I love it for nighttime, but for day, it makes me look a bit oily.

Come September, would you be interested in doubling your pleasure with La Mer's new Hydrating Infusion? Or are you as moisturized as you'd like to be?